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Rebuilding the bedrock of this nation

For the past twelve years Family Heartbeat Ministries now known as Family Heartbeat International Network has played a pivotal role in rebuilding the bedrock of this nation.

This counselling facility with qualified staff was conceptualized and established on a desire to empower families to fulfill their God-given role in the home and in the wider society.

It was founded in 1999 by Rev. Haynesley Griffith and his wife Dolores when they examined the social landscape and realised the negative impact dysfunctional homes were having on family members, places of work, education and worship, they were moved with a passion to see positive change take place in these essential areas. Therefore from its inception it has been actively engaged in helping to bring “life and hope to the Nations”.


As time evolved Family Heartbeat had the privilege of reaching out to the Region providing seminars and counselling services to corporations and individuals. The portfolio has also expanded now including in-house counselling, employee assistance programme, seminars, corporate counselling, critical incidence response counselling, premarital, marital, parental and child counselling. There are also plans to have a 12 hour telephone network call center to be implemented between the hours of 10 pm to 6 am and a training center which will facilitate workshops and seminars.


Events held in the past are continuing to have a residual effect on participants. Events such as ‘Stay Alive in 2005’ which gave thousands of young people the honour of pledging to stay pure until marriage and staying faithful to their partners during marriage. ‘Making your Marriage Marvellous’ catered to couples married for five years or less and the ‘Proactive Parenting Empowerment Seminar’ among others.


The most recent initiative is a 24 hour gospel online station, Pulse Radio 365. This online radio station focuses on the promotion of wholesome living and decent decisions. The purpose of this station is to encourage decent decisions, wholesome living, and sexual purity through music, other creative modes and discussions as well as to present avenues of expression for the nations’ youth. In 2011 this station has united many Christian youth from across Barbados, the region and internationally in discussions, social events and has assisted in reviving the gospel music landscape.


Pulse Radio 365 is a division of Youth Pulse, the youth arm of Family Heartbeat which is also responsible for the Decent Decisions Programme which targets both Primary and Secondary school students. The Decent Decisions Programme encourages students to ‘Know your Body and Keep it Pure.’

With many more years of impactful ministry ahead, the founders and staff of Family Heartbeat International Network are prepared to be God’s catalyst for change as we cater to families- the most important structure in society.

Youth Pulse


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