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My Summer Encounter

By Healthcare Professional

Last summer was my first encounter with Family Heartbeat International Network. I had become extremely depressed. I had been hospitalized for almost one year and had all forms of treatment including ECT – electroconvulsive treatment. They had diagnosed me with severe reactive psychotic depression.


Looking back now, I realized how the enemy had me bound in shackles of anger, fear and unforgiveness. Countless were the times I had tried to end it all and many time very nearly succeeded. I saw Rev. Haynesley at Family Heartbeat International Network every week and we talked about the past and more importantly about the future. I recommitted my life to Christ and I am no more on medication. God set me free.


I can’t remember the last time I called Rev. Griffith for guidance! I know now where to find that guidance myself. God has become my Father in every way, my best friend, my counselor, my confidante, my provider and His Word; the answers are all there in His Word. I understand now when God says “And if you seek me and seek me with all your heart you will find me.”


Thank you Family Heartbeat International Network for your obedience, loyalty and diligence to our God and His work. God used you to bring another child to Him and now I am a vessel to honour and serve Him in every area of my life. Thank you Jesus for what you did and what you continue to do in me.

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Family Heartbeat International Network has helped me to realize that my past circumstances do not determine my future. Counseling has shown me that...