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More than sperm-donors!

By Trevor Yearwood

Barbadian men need to be seen as more than "sperm-donors", to be used and dumped "like a piece of trash".


They themselves have to stop the womanizing, reclaim their positions of dominance in the family and be "God's model men" for society.


These were among the messages emerging when Family Heartbeat Ministries (FHM) held its three-hour Mighty Men of Valour seminar with the theme Sugar In The Home And Salt Of The Earth. The free, men-only event at Sherbourne Conference Centre last Sunday evening attracted close to 1 000 people, who were asked for a "minimum investment offering" of $100 to help the church group finance its programs. One aim of the meeting, according to FHM board member Reverend Clayton Springer, was "to remove ever, forever, hereafter, from your minds the misconception that you must only be seen as a sperm-donor".


He added: "You are not here just to deposit sperm in that special enclosure and then be used and abused and discarded like a piece of trash, never to be heard of again, never to be part of your children's lives. That is not God's mandate for you."FHM's chief executive officer Rev. Haynesley Griffith urged men to "reclaim our positions in our homes", saying they needed to be fathers and role models to their children. "I am calling on us men to rise up to our role and function as fathers and position ourselves to be the best fathers that we can be to our boys so that they may not be automatically enrolled in the school of delinquency," he said.


Girls also needed their fathers "to show genuine love from a man, a real man, not a male, from a man's perspective so that they can grow up with a great sense of worth and value and place a very high premium on their lives".


It would also reduce "the chances of their becoming easy prey for the human vultures that wait anxiously in hiding to rob them of their purity and dignity".


Griffith complained that too many young men "are now downloading or uploading their heroes" from the Internet, and hence were "moving farther and farther to lifestyles that go contrary to sound and healthy living".


It was sad to see just under 1 000 young men, "valuable assets", wasting away at Harrison Point, he said. He urged Barbadians to be "mighty men of valour" and integrity and to be "God's model men". Former Antigua and Barbuda attorney-general Radford Hill told the gathering that husbands had to do more to keep their families together, including ending the secret love affairs. "Men have been away from home too long," he declared, adding that meantime the devil had taken up residence there. The meeting ended with hundreds of people pledging to be "a man of integrity" and to be "a positive role model". Highlights of the meeting included music from the church band and a number of renditions by saxophonist Elector Pearson.


FHM is a non-profit, non-governmental organization set up in November 1999 with a focus on helping families.


Trevor Yearwood

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