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Mission Statement & Organisational Purpose

Mission Statement

Family Heartbeat International Network exists to empower families to fulfil their God given role in the home and in the wider society.


Vision Statement:

To be the premier family life counselling agency offering high quality service to its clientele in the Caribbean region and beyond.



To accomplish the mission, Family Heartbeat International Network operates with the following values: 

  • We believe that Jesus Christ came to this sinful earth in the form of a human being; suffered and died on a cross for the sins of mankind; was buried; rose again; and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father with power to save mankind from the power, presence and penalty of sin.
  • We believe in Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life and therefore there can be no going without Him, no knowing without Him and no living without Him.
  • We believe in the merit and dignity of the individual.
  • We believe in the value, the caring for and respect of self and others.
  • We believe that we need to be aware of current and evolving counselling strategies and niches that can assist in facilitating positive change in people, organizations and societies.
  • We believe in the style of leadership with a readiness to take a stand and a responsibility to act on vital issues.
  • We believe in fostering an integrative attribute and connectedness among people, organizations and societies.
  • We believe in upholding client confidentiality as far as possible in accordance with the laws of Barbados.
  • We believe in honesty and integrity among all of our personnel and with our clients.
  • We believe in fostering meaningful relationships with counselling agencies that have similar or related goals, as well as with the general public. 
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