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How Family Heartbeat Ministries Impacted on Me

By Tamara Gibson

I found acceptance at Family Heartbeat International Network. It doesn’t sound like much to find. But when you’ve been rejected like me, finding acceptance can feel like being embraced in the most powerful pair of loving and protective arms.


At Family Heartbeat, I met with Rev. Haynesley Griffith for my sessions and I am positive that God sent him into this ministry. I say that because, the best of us can look down on another person for mistakes and bad choices they have made. Rev. Griffith is the only person I know that can hear the worse, see the worse and still think the world of you. He does not judge! Ever!


It was this particular personality trait that brought about healing in me. Family Heartbeat holds a special place in my heart. It’s hard to think of it as just an institution because in my mind’s eye, it’s actually a symbol of outstretched arms. A place I know I can run to in any storm.

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Family Heartbeat International Network has helped me to realize that my past circumstances do not determine my future. Counseling has shown me that...