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Fight Fervently for Fruitful Family Life

By Rev. Haynesley Griffith


It was on November 01, 1999 that a significant beginning took place in the lives of my wife Dolores and me. It was the birth of Family Heartbeat Ministries. Now today ten years later, we reflect and celebrate on this very important landmark for us as a couple in ministry together.


At that time when Dolores and I looked out on the social landscape and saw the negative impact dysfunctional homes were having on family members, places of work, education and worship, we were moved with a passion to see positive change take place in these essential areas. Therefore from its inception and in keeping with its name, Family Heartbeat Ministries has been actively engaged in helping to bring “life and hope to the Nations.”


Now and as always, we continue to give God thanks for the many individuals who share with us how they had given up on life, but now have purpose for living. We rejoice when we learn of couples who were on the brink of divorce and now with intervention from this ministry, are now experiencing a growing love for each other.


There are so many accounts of parents, children, those in work places and in churches who continue to speak favourable of the positive influence of Family Heartbeat Ministries in their lives. On the other hand, Family Heartbeat Ministries is saddened when it is told that despite all helpful counseling received their fiancé or spouse still left them. We identify with those disappointed parents who say that though their children were exposed to very good counseling, they still decided to go in negative directions.


As we continue to pray for situations like these, we are hopeful that some seeds would have fallen on good ground and taken root and in time, will grow at the right season.


As Family Heartbeat Ministries faces the future, its focus at its inception, during its intervening years and now, has been to bring life and hope to people everywhere. Family Heartbeat Ministries remains committed to its goals which are designed to ‘empower families to fulfill their God-given role in the home and the wider society.’ Moving forward to another decade, Family Heartbeat Ministries is not ignorant of Satan’s desire to destroy the family. Family Heartbeat Ministries is aware that Satan hates to see individuals reach their full potential. The Ministry is conscious of Satan’s purpose to steal, kill and destroy lives. A greater thrust will be given to Family Heartbeat Ministries renewed and refocused youth programme ‘Youth Pulse.’ The message of purity and productive living will be emphasized using strategies and technology suited to this target group.


When the families in Nehemiah’s day were threatened by their enemies, Nehemiah assembled the heads of the households and said to them ‘…Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses (Nehemiah 4:14: NKJ).’


This ten year journey could not have been made possible without the hard work of a team of dedicated Trustees, my competent deputy counselor Pearline Walcott, office staff and numerous volunteers.


As Family Heartbeat Ministries continues its journey and mission of bringing ‘life and hope to the nations,’ we invite you to partner with us in your prayers, gifts and other resources to help us Fight Fervently for Fruitful Family Life locally, regionally and internationally.


Rev. Haynesley Griffith.

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