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Family Heartbeat Ministries Celebrates 11 Years of Success in November

11th Anniversary Celebration

Family Heartbeat Ministries will fulfill its mandate of bringing life and hope to the nations.


We look to our faithful God with a great sense of gratitude for taking us through many changing scenes in this ministry and we want you to join us today in giving Him a high note of praise.


As we look back over the past eleven years we can affirm that God delights in using a small thing to do great things for His glory. We can think of Family Fusion 2004 when God used this small organisation with two full-time counsellors and one full-time Secretary with the help of a few volunteers to bring together almost 6000 people to commit themselves to productive family life.  We can think of Stay-alive 2005 when our young people were challenged to abstain from sexual intercourse until marriage and be faithful to their marriage partners.  Again God enabled this tiny unit to bring together about 5000 individuals. About 2000 young people made pledges that February. Yet again in 2005 God in His greatness directed this little organisation to bring together 300 married couples to refresh their commitment to each other.  In 2007, God moved on Family Heartbeat Ministries to challenge over 1000 men to rise to their ministry of leadership in their homes, churches, areas of work and the community. In August of this year our gracious God saw it fit that we bring together over 15 governmental and non-governmental organisations to stage a two-day parenting seminar. This interactive seminar impacted on the lives of over 800 participants with 3 stimulating workshops and over 15 interactive booths.


My wife and I along with the Board of Trustees want to give thanks to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for His goodness, and greatness, His faithfulness and fruitfulness; His wisdom and wonderfulness; His purpose and power: His Might and majesty; His love and leadership.  To Him be the glory.


Family Heartbeat Ministries will fulfill its mandate of bringing life and hope to the Nations and we want the churches, political leadership, corporate Barbados, our regional and international partners and all of you outside of those categories mentioned, to join FHM in its fervent fight for fruitful family life.  Over the years you have invested your prayers, resources, and gifts to keep this crucial ministry afloat. We thank you; please continue to give to the ministry.


Family Heartbeat will not be silenced as it goes forward, it will not be stopped, it will not be daunted, it will not be deterred in its fight for healthy family life because above it, beneath it, around it are the everlasting arms of a God who is Unchangeable, Unshakable, and Unstoppable and we stand on His promises.

Rev. Haynesley Griffith

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