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A New Pulse Beats!

Family Heartbeat Ministries Launches its new online gospel radio station.

Family Heartbeat Ministries has undertaken yet another impactful and dynamic venture!


Pulse Radio 365, an online 24 hour gospel station has the mission to promote decent decisions and sexual purity through music, other creative modes, discussions as well as present avenues of expression for the nations’ youth.


Pulse Radio 365 has been in testing phase for online broadcasting since September 2010 through the world’s largest Internet Radio network which reaches millions of listeners worldwide. A report at the end of May showed that among their 7000 plus broadcasters Pulse Radio has been rated at number four in the genres inspirational, gospel and praise/worship and in the top 200 overall radio stations.


Currently with a growing listenership, at the end of May listenership was over 16,000 spanning from across the globe with Barbados, United States, United Kingdom, Trinidad, Canada, Bahamas, Martinique and France topping the list and other countries who are locked on to www.pulseradio365.com includes Kenya, Finland, China, New Zealand, Russia, Malawi, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, Ecuador and other Caribbean countries.


The station was officially launched on June 25th in Independence Square where local gospel artistes including Promise, Hoszia Hinds, A Few Good Men, Kris-ann Hutson, Barry Reid, Larix, Joy-ann Harper, Neil Crichlow and others ministered to those gathered.


The radio announcers who include Tracy Joseph (formerly Baby-Love Fowler from Starcom Network), Ian ‘Rick’ Webster, Sabrina Greenidge, Ronnie Quimby and Station Manager Marlon Charles also known as DJ Surge daily appease the listeners by fulfilling their requests posted on the Facebook page ‘Pulse Radio 365.’ Also part of the Pulse team is Kim Henry-Charles, the Chief Operations Officer at Family Heartbeat Ministries,   Davidson Cox and Kevin Pinder who facilitate the Super Charged Saturdays from 10.30 am to 3 pm.


Pulse Radio 365 is more than an online station but it has developed into a strong family unit with a focus on fellowship, prayer and togetherness. From as early as 6 am when Tracy Joseph (radio name TJ) begins the Jumpstart the Facebook page is set ablaze with love, requests and well wishes from listeners across the world who have now grown to be part of the Pulse Family. Forums have been created for camaraderie such as Pulse limes and events with a picnic and movie night in the planning phases.


A resounding response was received from the first competition called ‘Stay Pure’ where listeners were urged to send a recording of a song, poem or any message promoting faithfulness in marriage or why you should stay pure before marriage. Nine entries were received with the eventual winner being Marcus King who won an Apple Ipad and Chad Blackman just one point behind the winner received a photo shoot from Studio Studio and a free recording in a music studio.


Pulse Radio 365 has certainly been filling the void that young people were feeling towards expression, music, spirituality and their relationship with God. Pulse Radio 365 will continue to answer the call of God and will remain committed to their listenership with more programming, discussions and fellowship.


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